Grants, Loans & Support “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” (KYF2) Potential Micro-Farm Community Development Support via USDA

USDA website excerpt:

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food (KYF2) is helping communities scale up local and regional food systems and strengthen their economies. Not every community will need the same assistance; and navigating USDA’s offerings is no small task.

We want to simplify the process and help communities put USDA programs to work for them, so we’re playing matchmaker. This page lists over two dozen programs at USDA that can help build local and regional food systems. This list is not the entirety of USDA’s offerings, but it is a great starting place.

Whether you are an individual farmer looking to extend your growing season, a cooperative of growers looking to rebuild a food hub, a farmers’ market that wants to accept SNAP benefits, a community kitchen that needs cold storage to store locally procured meat, or anyone in between, this short guide to our programs might come in handy.

Also, for more details on how these programs can be put to work in your community, check out our blog and our program memos. In our program memos, USDA Deputy Secretary Merrigan mixes program information with real stories about how communities have successfully partnered with USDA to scale up local food systems and address challenges facing their communities. For the latest updates and announcements regarding programs, make sure to check out our blog’s Grants and Loans & Support categories..


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