Self-Sustaining Communities – a charitable corp. of Northern California – Supporting Trends & Confluences for the S2MFC Concept

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Our Work

The overall plan is to assist in creating a systemic change which meets environmental, social, and sustainability needs by addressing those areas on which survival is dependent. Given the current (2010-2011) economic uncertainties, unemployment, environmental issues, and crime, creating wide-scale change is an opportunity we have at hand.”


Promote, encourage and freely provide backyard chickens; approached the City of El Cerrito to request an upgraded animal ordinance, which is in process, and to which the city staff has added beehives, pigs, miniature goats and more. All provide a food source, and a reduction in carbon dioxide as a result of a reduction in food transportation. In my video Chickens Create Community on Elm Street, you will note chickens also substantively meet the need of creating community, with emotional and social support attending.

In those neighborhoods where a rooster is well received, this too reduces carbon emissions by the reduction of traveling to procure new laying hens every few years. Also, it provides for a local source of new chicks. Chickens can be pets as well as a food source, and are trainable, for those who are committed to vegetarianism. (See Video).

Insofar as backyard chickens and city farms encourage the creation of community, it is well worth noting that in the Country of Bhutan, the success of the country is measured by Gross National Happiness as opposed to Gross National Product. Community building and sustainability through these processes add to increased Gross National Happiness.


Procuring and providing fruit trees on a wide-scale over an extended length of time to continue the process of creating local food, sustainability and greening. Offering these locally, and into poorer neighboring environments, reduces crime and includes the overall larger community collectively in community-building.


Encourage and promote alternative forms of transportation, i.e., bicycles, zero-emission vehicles and public transportation.


Encourage and promote alternative energy materials, particularly solar energy panels and shingles. This can also become the charging source for zero-emission vehicles, ultimately reducing all carbon dioxide in certain locations through this process.


Aim to move housing or some housing out of an economic realm which can result into homelessness or other crises situations as a result of an economic collapse.

This Plan assists the reduced income of seniors, of low income residents, aids children in the care and respect of life and the environment, teaches people the importance of creating community and honoring the emotional and social needs of many, including those who are isolated or disenfranchised.

As the participating cities and residents therein participate, this becomes an example for other areas of the nation and world to show that significant and important changes CAN be made that ensure the survival of the planet and which also add to the Gross National Happiness.


About JohnBrian

I am a fairly curious man.... who enjoys a very broad variety of things. Mostly I like to be involved with people and ideas, projects or ventures that have potentially transformative social value. Most recent consulting work: I've participated in 12 Start-Ups in 25 years. 3 of my own. My Blogs / Life-Work Projects: - Ecology-of-Mind: A human and human systems evolutionary ontology described with supporting content - The Evolutionary Ontology with associated Technologies and Products - A 65yr, 3-generation B-Plan-of-Plans - A Vision and Plan for Building Self-Sustaining Micro-Farming Communities in USA I've learned that new-business success is dependent on a certain team quality - natural human synergy. Stuff have dipped my toes in over time.... applications, apps, theoretical and applied neuropsychology, education, social metrics, social media, marketing, branding, identity, coaching, learning, performance and evolution, identity, privacy, ecology-of-mind, brain interface, collective intelligence, big data, future technology, trending, start-ups, emergent technology, R&D, product development, testing and roll out, toys, games, music, video, sourcing, contracts, operations, systems modeling, public speaking, funding, green technology Direct Contact:
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